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Feb. 16th, 2006 @ 03:01 pm (no subject)
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Feb. 16th, 2006 @ 02:58 pm lake huron tawas
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 11:43 pm double click, backspace
back space, double click her face

cracks made all over, the place

just try to stop, these ways

just cope with, theses days

too fine for me, back space

vanilla pool, double chocolate swirl

swimming in sweets, at her place

all i can eat, on her face

double click, back space

summers noon, pop a balloon

lights say, prize today

carmel apple, of her way

double click, get paid

try to tackle this babe

horse race, love frayed

ancient times, milk maid

avocado plad dress

looking due west

drinking from the breast

eggy weggy's made mess

double click, back space.
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 02:24 am sticks and stones
Today I woke up and worked, and worked to find work. So, half of work is finding work. The other half is working. So, half of that work is finding work also. So on and on, in to infinity.

Today I woke up and worked, and worked. Not to much work. I don't work to much. Just enough work work requires.

Today seemed to be the same as the last. I woke up and worked, and felt nothing, no flavor, no color.

Today, a stone hit me in the head. The stone is a lovely pebble. She made me laugh, smile, and I felt something, it tasted good, full of color.
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 10:12 pm (no subject)
The AuSable, my heart

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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Jan. 29th, 2006 @ 04:16 am finding things
when I was a very young child, I spent a lot of time looking for things, exploring, adventure. lifting every stone in my sight, taking the unbeaten path. no fear of death, always aiming for the impossible. its funny how nothing seems to have changed, yet everything has.

as a child I was searching for insects lizards amphibians small birds rodents any of natures creatures, plants, rocks, or gifts, I could get my hands on. I would study them and then just let em go. my fascination with vacuum tubes and electronics in general, came from a place a few miles from my home. it was kind of like a junk yard, but was really just a place in the woods that people tossed out their appliances and cars. was about 5 or 6 and would hike out there. littered with refrigerators televisions washers cars and trucks. I would take apart the televisions and make things out of the parts. taking the tv tubes wires resistors caps exc. small trinkets of witch I hung in trees. continue to do this through out my life, with a mixed media of whatever. some times I would go there and just destroy things, not out of anger, but as a test of my power. my strong curiosity of destruction, but live love and die for creation. I guess my creativity and want for destruction go hand in hand.

as for today I am completely fascinated with electron vacuum tubes. I build, design, repair, collect and sell tube amplifiers and tubes, and electronics in general. live for finding things.... a few years back. my friend josh and I, would go almost every day to find treasures of sort. we would go to old abandon houses, bare homesteads, ghost towns, and my favorite, the wells on the shore of lake huron. we would find things like old books, coins, dolls, pocket watches, bottles, knives, pipes, arrow heads, jewelry and any thing of value. mostly objects from turn of the century, many 1800-1700's, and ancient american objects. also would swipe real old gas station signs from abandon buildings, there worth tons. it was extremely adventurous, uncovering treasure, leaking through creepy structures. I still do this often but not nearly as much, we seemed to have covered all of the surrounding area. must be more creative to find stuff now. plan on taking a journey soon, across the states, in search of treasures. now that I have ben studying antiques for several years, and made a business's out of it. i don't just recover the treasures from history, I buy them from people who all ready found them, people just ignorant to the value of things. I hate the value of things, it is a conflict in my head.

now come to find the creatures and objects I sought as a child are symbols of who I am, determined by ancient religions. I guessthat I just live for finding things, adventure, exploration, treasures and natures gifts.
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Jan. 28th, 2006 @ 11:57 pm butterflies and lies
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
It was about a short thing once said to me, secrets shouldn't be told sometimes.

She let me in on a little thing that turned massive.
A plastic plethora of pudophyicie, a vain vindictive soul of a vulture.
Wrapped up in a tiny, dandy, candy wrapper.
Only first to taste its sweet creamy joy, then come to find out its got a rancid, raccoon, scat center.

Enjoy fine sweets, with every tooth takes, enjoy much of the thing she told me.Dieing in the suns rays, enjoying the worlds glory's.
We walked in paths paved by the pounding of our power. Pushed all a side, took the enigma of life's monastery, and made milk.
It was high upon high, living to die. Taking natures bends, not asking why.
As a knight and his lost princess track mountains and deserts to be hole, her word was true bull.
Truth, Half is half, a cretin piece required, a puzzle, a key, formidable to say, kindred spirit or sole mate.
Two and two make four, but we sought one.

A petals pity, as wilting wrinkles relay decay. Something said, but not meant?
Its a fickle falsely flowing me. Why as why, when you know we all die.
As death comes birth, breading is worse for pain and lust.
Romance makes me dance and passion is my mission, but as a human breading is bleeding.

For as pretty girls with short things to say, I hear no more.
My ears have ben bludgeoned with butterflies.
My eyes sown shut from fingers of mine.
All I hear is the blossom of a note, not heard yet.
Just a small hum, a vibrant vibration, a internal shockwave.
Oh, tsunami, earthquake, a note from a violin, please resinate in my ears, please poor down on my head. For your presents is timing me here. An ass's anticipation, please rain down. None of it matters though. Even if so, my umbrella is up from pain.
The note will only be blossom never feeling its decay. Its sound isn't heard, for my ears bleeding, and at my feet lay a plie of dead butterflies.

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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 03:33 am tea n toast
i had tea and toast with a ghost once
he had to boost most about guns
he was a cowboy raised by wild ones
he didn't stay long but sung his song
i blinked my eyes n he was gone
his cowboy spirit still rides on
sometimes passes through my dining room
he stops for drink and food

its just a poem.....
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 03:02 am hello Mr. Tree
the tree says hi, as i pass by
the rivers befriend, as i walk their bends
all of natures creatures talking, as i am walking
the winds are singing, my mind is thinking
my sole is drifting, my thoughts uplifting
the flowers are words
ideas travel like birds
the sun stars n moon
my fate love n doom
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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov
Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 02:35 am kiss
I am not going to die

I drink magic wine

I have a flying carpet, I am riding

I can adjust the throttle, n go through time

I have a genie in a bottle, hiding

I slowly rub it, untill she comes

then angles fall from the sky

even the devil stopped by

I told him to leave

then pulled fields of flowers from my sleeves

she asked how I did my tricks

I told her it was from her eyes n lips

her love grace beauty face and hips

we bathed it the fountain of youth

we shared dreams past and truth

we left our body's

they were of no use

we walked through the garden of Eden

we picked golden fruit ate em

we felt pure unconditional love

the stuff dreams are made of

sailing the seven seas from start to end

we watched the word's birth unfold

all of time passed in a quick show

the sad truth is she dosent exist

with out her i am powerless

my heart makes a fist

holds on to this

in my thoughts



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my kitty kitten kat kerature of fuzz lov