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Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 02:14 am (no subject)
in a swamp among the flies

an old lady wanders collecting lies

her fible fable, a mumbled stumbled, a wimble wobble

lost a caused, cursed crying to a swollen sky

a piece of pie, she says life is cake

do i take?, this ....offering ? is it poisoning?

am i posing to impose, so i say i suppose

taste just great, apple, lemon, grape, herbal aftertaste

i hope there wasn't anything strange in what i ate

or even stranger of what i was to take

we sat on stumps on her front lawn

her stories lasted until dawn, i finally told her i had to run

she pulled a piece of plastic from her pocket

the old lady looked now looked young

she held the piece of plastic up to the sun

she said something like this,

glitter shiver a winters kiss,

sun in spring is what i miss,

flowers fragrance life is flowing ,

things are growing, natures children showing,

with this wind and cold, you are bold

walking deep in woods, snow past your knees

so just please take this gift from me

hold it in the sun rays, every single day

it brings change among the season

changes patterns in the weathers reason

don't ever forget, and keep it safe

it plays a role in the change of days

then she said, it was nice to meet

i replied the same while taking

a small piece of plastic was gave to me

i don't like the responsibly

i wish i never met that crazed old lady

her stories and what she feed me

someday i will pass it on

i look forward to the day i don't see the sun.
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